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Event: Maslyanitsa
Activities:Maslyanitsa meaning "butter" in Russian is a Russian traditional carnival. It is celebrated in the Spring just before Lent. During this week people cook pancakes served with honey, caviar, fresh cream and butter. It means that many different foods, including butter, will be eaten before the time when Lent comes. Pancake week is divided into three parts, the meeting of Maslyanitsa on Monday, the high point of the celebration, on Thursday, and the last day, the good-bye day, which comes on Sunday morning. People wear funny masks and costumes. There is a festival with good food. People used to burn a big man of straw or a dummy as a way of saying goodbye to the winter. They sang songs and danced around the dummy or man, and at the end of the festival they used to burn it. The larger and hotter the bon-fire appeared, the longer and warmer the coming summer was supposed to be. The traditional dish is a big round hot pan-cake, with butter which in Russian means maslo hence the name of the day. Pancakes symbolize the sun. The more butter or honey, caviar, other delicious things, which was put on the pancake, the hotter the sun was expected to be in the coming summer. Nowadays, it is celebrated at the end of February, as a merry festival with dances, songs, national costumes, attractions for children, hot tea and pancakes served outdoors. This day stems from the Pagan tradition of making blini pancakes to honor the coming of spring, blini represents the sun. Each spring, there are festivals in the major cities and towns to celebrate the end of winter.

Event: Kolyadki
Activities:The festive and merry days of Christmas are called yule-tide in Russia. There is no any other holiday celebrated in compliance with so many specific traditions, ceremonies, etc. One of the ceremonies is called Kolyadki. The ceremony includes wishing of wealth and happiness for everybody. During the ceremony a snow-lady is made with a carrot nose, eyes of prunes and teeth of green beans. Lady Kolyada comes to the holiday to congratulate people and enjoy merry games and fun. Lady Kolyada is accompanied by some people bearing stars. They sing and dance in a ring on the snow with fired torches and push the festive Wheel.

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